hits and giggles

The baby of the team tries to get Steven’s attention in the cutest way possible.

cricketlicious asked: hi there! I was just wondering how you make your gifs so high quality, but they still fit with tumblr's gif size limit? thanks :)

hello! :) (sorry for the super late reply!!!)

i wrote all this with the assumption that whoever reads this already understands how to actually make gifs in photoshop so if there’s anything else you specifically want me to go into detail on, even just how i personally make my gifs in general, definitely hit us up again!

i think most of the time it’s just luck tbh, and the fact that i avoid making big, single gifs whenever possible, but here’s a few easy things to remember:

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It’s a very uncommon injury in cricketers, but I guess if anyone was going to find it, it was me.