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mysticaltramping asked: *crash-lands your and tilly's conversation* -- you make drawn animation gifs?? that sounds ace! do you have any examples?

Well, I’ve only really messed around making them a couple times before, so I am by no means an expert. Lots more practice to be had!!

I’ve got one posted here which I made for a class at uni last semester. I’m keen to try and make a few more little animated things when I get some spare time, though. It was fun to do!


i can make drawn animation gifs but alas i suck at giffing videos  bron’s a champ at it  we have lots of half finished gifsets in our drafts which we will post one day hopefully 

…. hmm how about some drawn cricket animation gifs? ;D Ahhh you’re both so talented though! Far out. Absolutely can’t wait for your other gifsets to be completed :D :D :D 

I think I could attempt a cricket animation sometime in the near future… ;)

But aaawwhh thanks, Tilly. We’ll work on getting some gifs up soon!

nevermoresinisterthanwhenpolite replied to your photoset


Heck yeah!!!! Or at least, Bronte does. I unfortunately have yet to master the ability.